How do I start the Brumby? 

To start the brumby you turn the key to either 2WD or 4WD.

Pull out the emergency stop button

Increase the oil pump dial by turning clockwise to increase power.


How do I use the brake? 

The foot pedal to the left is the brake, apply as required.

To use as a park brake, depress pedal and engage lock .


How do I change attachments? 

Changing attachments is a simple procedure.

Lower attachment to the ground, and use the quick hitch handle to disengage the locking ram.

To engage a different attachment, drive the brumby forward ,lining up the attachment hooks with the back plate of lifting arms. Once lined up, raise the lifting arms enough to pick up the attachment and simply engage quick hitch handle.


How do I charge the Brumby? 

The Brumby comes with it’s own charger.

Turn off machine and activate emergency stop button. Place power plug into the machine’s charging port (located under seat), and plug the charge plug into power outlet.


How long does the battery last? 

The working time of fully charged batteries is 4 hours.

The battery should not be allowed to run too low. Do run below 55volts.



Do I need to replace the batteries? 

The batteries are a consumable  and as such over time, charging and discharging will decrease any batteries capacity.

The service life of the battery is 400 times of charging and discharging within a 3 year period.

Replacement batteries available through Everun.


Where do I get more tyres? 

Tyres are are available through your Everun dealer.


Can I tow with the Brumby? 

Yes, keeping in mind rated capacity and working environment.


Do I need to store the Brumby undercover? 



How much can the Brumby lift? 

The lifting capacity of the Brumby is 400kg’s


Is it 2WD or  4WD?

The Brumby is optioned for both 2WD and 4WD


How many does it seat?

One operator .


How fast does it go? 

Up to 15km/h