Designed and built with an emphasis on the environment, the BRUMBY is a battery powered electric loader - which means no fumes, minimal noise, and low impact. With prototypes tried and tested right here on Australian soil. It's quiet enough to not spook horses and livestock, has articulated steering to not tear up pasture, and a wide range of attachments to do just about every job we could come up with. 


  • 4 hours running time under normal use.
  • Your choice of general purpose bucket or pallet forks included to help you tackle a wide range of jobs.
  • Quick hitch as standard, making it easy to switch jobs without leaving the seat.
  • Battery power means no diesel - forget the fumes, smells, and cost.
  • When we say low maintenance, we mean it - with no regular servicing, that could mean savings of $1000 a year or more, compared to a diesel machine.
  • We didn't want to have to buy a new trailer - so we made the machine small enough to fit in our horse float. At 900mm wide and 900kgs heavy, you can tow it wherever work needs to be done.
  • Because its light and articulated, the BRUMBY won't destroy your lawns and paddocks like a skid steer. 
  • With a 400kg lift capacity, the BRUMBY is as strong as it is light - ready to help where serious work has to be done.
  • CE quality certification, and ROPS/FOPS cabin.
The BRUMBY won't build house pads or dig mineshafts - for that work, you'll need a huge machine (and the budget to match). But for just about everything else, the BRUMBY gets it done, without the drama.


More workhorse than one trick pony, transform your BRUMBY with a range of attachments deigned to conquer jobs both large and small. 


Dig holes for footings, fence posts, and trees.

4-in-1 Bucket

Do a little of everything - doze, dig, dump, load and grab with the 4-in-1.

Rock Bucket

For removing rocks, without gouging your paddocks.


Clear scrub and weeds where normal mowers are afraid to.

Scrub Rake

Push up scrub, branches and scrap, and turn bush into pasture.


For trenching and digging to a depth of 600mm.

Log Grab

Move logs safely and easily.

Pallet Forks

For lifting everything from pallets to hay bales.

Agricultural Rims and Tyres

Increase your traction - for boggy, sandy, or steep gravel properties.

Trailer Ball

Make towing easy.


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    Because the numbers matter.

    For a complete list of specs and details, download the Operator's Manual here.


    Term No. BRUMBY
    Max Motor Power 26kw
    Rated Load 400kg
    Bucket Rated Capacity 0.15m³
    Dumping Height (at 45°) 1350mm
    Lifting Height 1700mm
    Dumping Reach 450mm
    Max. Lifting Weight 400kg
    Max. Excavation Force 8kn
    Max. Grade Ability 15
    Max. Turning Angel 28°±1
    Swing Degree of the Rear Axle 3
    Overall Length (Bucket on Ground Position) 2800mm
    Bucket Width (Overall Width) 900mm
    Overall Height 2070mm
    Wheel Base 1387mm
    Min Ground Clearance 300mm
    Net Weight 900kg
    Battery Model No 6-EVF-100A
    Rated Capacity (3hr) 100Ah
    No. of Battery Groups 5
    Rated Voltage 60v
    Working Hours 4h
    Motor No HL-60
    Voltage 60v
    Power 1200w
    Displacement 14mL/r
    Type 6.00-12
    Working Pressure 0.25mpa
    Qty 1pc
    Type of Steering Hydraulic System Full Hydraulic Steering System
    Type of Steering Pump External Gear Pump
    Steering Cylinder Bore 50mm
    System Pressure 16mpa
    Distribution Valve Model DL10 Type Triple valve stem
    Dumping Cylinder-Bore 50
    Lifting Cylinder-Bore 50
    Service Brake Drum Brake
    Brake Drum 200mm
    Parking Brake Drum Brake
    Hydraulic Oil Tank 11L
    Brake Fluid